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Disconnected Observations.

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I'm not very dedicated to this journal am I..

It's hot and sticky and feels like home. I ate too much watermelon and binged on David Boreanez.

I'm worried my time at VCA is coming to an end. And then I think they'd be crazy to lose me.

My cat has AIDS.

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On October 14th, 2006 04:27 am (UTC), fragaria commented:
That is seriously bizarre. Wil your cat suffer because of it, or do they just deal with it?

I think we're all having mixed feelings about coming to the end of the year and what's in store next year. Trying not to think about it just makes it pop up in my dreams in confusing ways and find its way into my reflex evil revenge fantasies when some classmates have been rude to me this week.
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